We are Reopening the front porch.
Not seen in 70 years!
Our front porch is restored to being itself, a porch, and what a grand porch it is.

 We still need some paint, some stain, and additional lighting but, our porch is once again a porch and it is open for business. Come join us in celebration of the major accomplishments in restoring our historic clubhouse.
For those who have forgotten, a picture of the porch as it was. 

The NW corner of our porch was enclosed in the late 1930's or early 1940's to provide space to rent to boarders. This space has been used as an office (junk collecting room) since the Albuquerque Press Club purchased the building in 1973.  It has been a long time dream to restore this space to it's original glory. 


We Are:

  • Member Owned, with both professional press and social (non-press) memberships

  • A private club with disparate membership and a great spirit
  • A place to meet new friends or to hang out with old ones
  • Located in one of Albuquerque's most historic buildings
  • An affiliate of the National Press Club with reciprocity agreements with other press clubs
Benefits of Membership:
  • You are an owner of the club, allowing you to participate in its activities and management
  • You may use our facilities for personal and business events
  • You may participate in a variety of professional and entertaining activities
  • You Improve the value of our community with your participation
  • You pay less for drinks at the bar

The Roof project, finally.  Click this link for the full story.

Keep up with the porch foundation Repairs at
this link.