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Whittlesey House Preservation Foundation

The Whittlesey House Preservation Foundation is a separate non-profit, dedicated to restoring our historic house.  Over the years there have been many benefactors who have made significant contributions to our community by donating their money, their professional expertise, their time, and construction materials in order to maintain and repair our clubhouse. 

Construction Projects Past:

2014 Shore up NW corner porch foundations
2014 Evaporative Cooler Replacement
2014 Remove ceiling in front room
2012/2013 Re-Roof and Porch Restoration Project
2010 Fire Alarm system installation
2010 Foundation Construction, Pool Room
2010 Bridge Construction, outside flight deck
2010 Porch Log Strapping
2009 Walk-In and Beer Tap Project
2008 Steam Piping Project

To do (just as soon as we have the money, we need to do them now) list:
Foundations under front room and front porch, unify downstairs floor levels

To do a little further down the road:

  • Basement to useable space conversion including new restrooms
  • Re-grade front yard and patio with handicapped accessible path of travel to lower floor
  • Reconstruct the rear balcony
  • Retaining wall at the hill

Link to our long term plan and the basis for developing it.

We are very appreciative of our benefactors. They are the ones who make rescuing this historic building possible. More than that though, they enable us to continue serving our community with the many uses of our clubhouse. 

More about us, tax exemption information, plans, projects, operations. 

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